Camelia Shiseido
Luty 2014
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Beauty and Brains: Shiseido’s Technological Achievements Acknowledged by IFSCC

During the IFSCC*1 Conference 2011 (considered to be the Olympics of cosmetics-related technology), which in December 2011 was held in Bangkok, Thailand, Shiseido won the competition’s exclusive top award. This year’s total of 127 theme presentations were submitted from 16 countries worldwide. Shiseido won top honors for an oral presentation titled “Development of self-dissolving microneedles consisting of hyaluronic acid as an anti-wrinkle treatment”.

The presentation detailed Shiseido’s successful development of an eye patch-applied self-dissolving microneedle technology, which has recently attracted considerable attention in aesthetic dermatology, due to its ability to facilitate effective transdermal drug delivery safely, with no pain. 1200 microneedles containing hyaluronic acid are on the surface of the patch. Successive administration of the patch to the eye corner resulted in significant improvements of wrinkles, increases of water content in the stratum corneum and viscoelasticity, which is an index of resilience. The patch was launched in March 2011 as the HA-Fill Patch, by NAVISION–a medical cosmetic treatment brand.

This is the 15th top award granted to Shiseido by the IFSCC, and Shiseido has received more such honors than any other cosmetic manufacturer in the world.

*1 The International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC) is a union of about 15,000 members in 47 countries. The IFSCC conference convenes every two years, and presents awards for technological excellence that are highly coveted among cosmetics scientists.