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Linia Ibuki opracowana specjalnie dla skóry kobiet w wieku 20-30 lat, oferuje kompleksowe i systematyczne podejście do pielęgnacji, oparte na 3 filarach: NAWILŻENIE i zapobieganie przesuszeniu, KORYGOWANIE ukierunkowane na niwelowanie problemów związanych z niedoskonałościami, błyszczeniem się skóry, szorstkością, widocznymi oznakami zmęczenia oraz ZAPOBIEGANIE uszkodzeniom wywoływanym działaniem niekorzystnych czynników środowiskowych.

Zapytaliśmy kilkoro dziewczyn o ich życie codzienne oraz w jaki sposób chronią swoją skórę przed wyzwaniami dnia codziennego...


Prosta i skuteczna pielęgnacja
Dodaj do swojego kalendarza krótkie chwile z Ibuki, dzięki którym Twoja skóra odzyska siłę, energię i piękny wygląd!

Secrets des coquettes

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See how Sara finds mini moments to boost herself throughout her day.

Step 1: Fresh morning facial

The first thing I use in the morning is the Ibuki Purifying Cleanser. I love it because it leaves my skin feeling clean, it has a really nice texture and it smells divine.

Purifying cleanser

STEP2: Reinforce my skin's defense system

Then I apply Ultimune as a serum


Step3: Hydrate my skin

Ibuki Refining Moisturizer moisturizes my skin to perfection and it’s so light. I can’t do without!

Refining Moisturizer

Beauty Sleeping Mask

At night, I never go to sleep without first applying the Ibuki Beauty Sleeping Mask. My skin doesn’t like night creams. I always wake up with a feeling of heaviness, but the gel texture of this mask is so light that it’s perfect for me. When I wake up, my skin is soft, properly moisturized and really fresh to start the day.

Beauty Sleeping Mask
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Eva Leipziger

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Beginning the day
News Check

Every morning shortly after waking up, I grab my cell phone and go online. I check my e-mails and social media accounts and read the news – that way, I start my day up to date.

Mornings in the bathroom
Skincare routine in the morning

Then it’s time for my beauty ritual. First, I clean my face with IBUKI Gentle Cleanser, then I apply Ultimune products for the face and eyes, and finish with UV Protective Liquid Foundation, which is my n° 1 foundation, even in the summer, followed by blush, mascara – I’m ready for my day!

Gentle Cleanser

Beauty Must Haves
A peek into my handbag

Whether it’s a girls’ night out or a family trip, I always have some lip care products in my handbag. Not forgetting the IBUKI Quick Fix Mist to refresh and keep my skin shine-free, plus a perfume to suit the season.

Quick Fix Mist
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During the day
Home Office

Working from home is both a blessing and a curse. If your home is also your workplace, you sometimes have to force yourself to separate work and free time. If I feel tired from working during the day, I go for a short walk or do some shopping to relax, which motivates me to jump straight and then I’m motivated to jump back into work. In the afternoon, my young daughter keeps me on my toes…

Evenings in the bathroom
Skincare routine in the evening

In the evening, I take special care of my skin. I cleanse, purify, exfoliate, apply cream and generally look after it. Just like in the morning, Ultimune is a must. I offer my skin a special treat with the IBUKI Beauty Sleeping Mask: for an ultimate spa and relaxation program after a long day, I run myself a hot bath, apply the mask and indulge in a moment of pure bliss…

Beauty Sleeping Mask
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Hello October

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Sometimes my skin can take a turn for the worse in terms of dry patches or spots popping out from nowhere! So I keep the Ibuki Multi Solutions Gel in my handbag for any little emergencies. This can help with anything from dry skin to blemishes - a little pot of magic!

Multi-Solution Gel


Around 1pm my makeup can start to fade and my skin can begin to look dehydrated, so throughout the day I refresh my makeup and hydrate my skin using the Ibuki Quick Fix Mist.

Quick Fix Mist
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Dodaj kolejne pozycje do swojego kalendarza

After university, I go to the gym. I’ve been going at least 3 times a week since the beginning of the year, it’s my good resolution for 2016. After showering, I put on some Shiseido Super Slimming Reducer. I love it because it works fantastically, it smells good and it has a superb color. It’s a pleasure just to open the jar. (Secrets des coquettes)

During the day: drink, drink, drink. I must force myself to drink one bottle of water daily to help prevent my skin from drying out. My trick is to drink water with lemon (I like the slight lemony taste better than natural water). (Natacha Birds)

A very important part of my days are breaks from work and the walks I take with my little six-months-old dog. They allow me to decompress completely and clear my mind, far from my computer. My dog gives me a big dose of love each day, and it’s a real joy! (Zoé Bassetto)

Breakfast is my little treat. I love eating fruits with something sweet. Right now, I make myself a bowl of plain yoghurt, with a few raspberries and flaked almonds. (Secrets des coquettes)

As my courses are in the afternoon, I use the mornings to study, edit my videos, answer emails… I like to always have flowers on my desk and a lit candle to create a soothing atmosphere in which to work. (Secrets des coquettes)

I also try to avoid putting on makeup every day, so that my skin can breathe and relax. Lately, I've been applying moisturizing creams on my face several times a day. (Natacha Birds)

Since I work at home most of the time, I want to be sure my surroundings are pleasant. I give myself pretty bouquets of flowers on a regular basis; they add lots of cheerfulness and color to my interior. I love to take pictures of the flowers and share them on my Instagram account! (Zoé Bassetto)

In the morning, I rarely start the day without tea! It's my moment of calm before the race starts! I'm unable to face the day on an empty stomach. (Natacha Birds)

To sleep well, I got used to spray a relaxing fragrant mist on my pillowcases. It helps me relax and fall asleep peacefully. It's so nice! (Natacha Birds)

I recently got myself a juicer to load up on fruits and vegetables every day, and it's changed my life. I use it to make excellent concoctions that are brimming with nutrients and vitamins. There's nothing like it for filling my days with energy. (Zoé Bassetto)

Skincare regimen

Your skin deserves a bespoke beauty regime and our Ibuki line has everything you need from AM to PM.
Select your skin type and we’ll share a tailored texture to suit you. Find yourself paired with one of our enriching creams to soothe & hydrate dry skin or a light veil to combat oiliness.
For skin care on the go, try our Ibuki Multi Solution Gel to boost your skin whenever you want; or give your skin a good night's sleep with our new Sleeping Mask.
Combine Ibuki and our ‘must-have’ Ultimune Powering Infusing Concentrate for face and eye contours, to reinforce skin against every lifestyle challenge you face.

Discover your programme, below.

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Step 2 - Defend
Step 3 - Correct
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