Camelia Shiseido
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Profesjonalny pędzel do podkładu. Ułatwia aplikację formuły oraz sprawia, że podkład lepiej przylega do skóry, Zapewnia doskonałe, jednolite krycie oraz naturalny i długotrwały efekt wykończenia makijażu. Przeznaczony do każdego typu podkładu, dla wszystkich, którzy chcą uzyskać nieskazitelną, pięknie wyglądającą cerę.

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Typ skóry

All skin types

  • Sposób aplikacji
For powdery, solid emulsification or compact foundation:
Lightly touch the foundation surface with the brush several times to take up an approriate amount.

For liquid or cream foundation:
Apply a small amount of foundation in your palm and apply with fingertips on forehead, both cheeks, and the chin.
1. Apply the foundation with the brush by using a dabbing motion for perfect coverage.
2. Pat lightly on the skin for moderate coverage.
*Use an appropriate amount of foundation to suit your preferred finish.
3. Move the brush outwards along the contour while blending the foundation lightly.

- Wipe off excess foundation with tissue after use.
- To wash, immerse brush in lukewarm water with a small amount of mild detergent and move the brush back and forth lightly. Rinse thoroughly and remove excess water by dabbing the brush hair surface on a dry towel or tissue several times. Then, lay the brush sideways in a well-ventilated shaded area to dry completely before use.

- Do not put a damp or wet brush in a makeup bag.
- For optimal application, use a clean brush. A dirty brush dosen't take up the foundation well.
- Do not use the same brush for liquid or cream foundation and powdery foundation without washing and drying it completely. It may cause powder caking.
- Since water resistant formula is difficult to remove, avoid applying it with this brush.