Camelia Shiseido
Czerwiec 2014
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Shiseido’s Institute of Total Beauty Sciences Takes Beauty Seriously

In February 1977, Shiseido renamed its Beauty Department “Institute of Total Beauty Sciences.” Its experimental salon and research facilities had been active for decades, growing from the original “Beauty Department,” a small beauty school in Itabashi, Tokyo. The Institute’s mission is to evaluate the safety and user-friendliness of various products, and provide a user’s perspective for product planning and production of cosmetics.

Since its founding, the “Institute of Total Beauty Sciences” has been conducting research on beauty culture and developing a historical, social, and cultural understanding of beauty and fashion. Working with the Imperial Household Agency and Japan’s national museums, the institute produced a series of films on beauty and fashion. These films have been praised for focusing on women’s cosmetics culture and lifestyles from a purely academic perspective, rather than as an advertisement.

Since February of 1985, the “Institute of Total Beauty Sciences” and the Product Research Laboratories have been integrated within the present “Shiseido Institute of Beauty Sciences”, bringing the technological and social sciences of beauty together under one umbrella.